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CTE PIANOPLAN 600J SPEEDY HORIZONTAL battery-powered crawler stair climber

HORIZONTAL model has been designed to facilitate anchoring, the loading and transport of certain types of material, or to facilitate their storage. It is ideal for the transport of objects to horizontal dimensions, such as grand pianos, printers, photocopiers, and for all types of objects that need to maintain a horizontal position. For example, to transport a photocopier, that requires to be kept in a horizontal position to prevent fluid loss, the model PIANOPLAN HORIZONTAL facilitates the loading and carriage in the correct position. Or, to deposit a piano from the ground level on a mezzanine level, as a stage, PIANOPLAN HORIZONTAL is perfect. Main features: same as Pianoplan Standard, plus a horizontal movable platform to allow the transport of objects while maintaining a horizontal position. Product Page: PIANOPLAN 600J SPEEDY HORIZONTAL stair climber